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Here’s what some of our candidates say about working with Gardner Resources Group

" Wow! You have no idea how much you helped me today. When I try to differentiate myself during interviews I often feel that I don't get the content of my message across in a manner that really tells the story of how I can add real value to an organization. My meeting with you today was a real wake up call.
Your messaging ideas were spot on. But, bigger picture, what you said helped me to understand why some people aren’t hearing my message and how much better I need to be at tailoring for the audience and specific job. You probably know you’re good at this business but I bet you don't know how good you really are! You did more for me in an hour than the sum of the advice I’ve received since starting my job search. Thanks a million for your candor and advice!
VP Finance, Software Company, Wakefield, MA

"It's been a long time since I've used a recruiting firm because I have not had great experiences in the past with recruiters. I was referred to Gardner and told that your firm was not like other agencies. I was skeptical but I thought I would try one more time. I'm so glad I made that call! Not only did Gardner find me the job of a lifetime, but I also found an agency that is so unique from the rest!! Gardner is truly a boutique firm in every way possible. I was never treated like a number, my recruiter knew her client intimately and was able to really give me terrific insight about the company and the people I would be meeting. Lastly, Gardner's approach is what I would describe as consultative. My recruiter was never in 'sales' mode. She helped me look at this opportunity, and others, from all angles and really helped me evaluate each opportunity in a fair manner. On a scale of 1-10, Gardner is a 12.
Controller, High Tech company, Waltham, MA

"Gardner Resources Group is by far the most professional firm in Massachusetts! I wasn't placed by Gardner in my most recent role but you have placed me and several of my friends in the past. I wanted to send this note to say how helpful and knowledgeable I have always found your firm to be. I look forward to getting your Market Update each quarter because the content is always very informative and helpful. You have done a really good job separating yourselves from the other agencies out there, especially the larger firms who have actually only done one thing for me which is waste my time. Even though I didn't find my most recent job through Gardner, your team showed me some really great opportunities that I was really excited about. I just wanted you to know that Gardner has a great reputation in the local market and I will continue to hire people from you, as I have done in the past!
Assistant Controller, Medical Devices Company, Wellesley, MA

"Gardner is in a league of its own. The Gardner team represents integrity. Unlike other firms interested in only filling a position, there was a genuine sincerity of wanting to find the right fit. Thanks to Gardner I am with a company which has all the elements to drive my success."
Senior Accountant, Real Estate Company, Boston, MA

"Just a quick note to express my deep appreciation to you for enabling me to be here at this company.  I am so excited to be have joined this team and enthused about digging in and delivering excellent results. All of the people that I've met here have been extremely helpful and kind.  This job and company is exactly as you told me it would be.  By the way, I am sending a friend of mine your way and I know you will treat him as well as you have always treated me.  Thank you again for all of your efforts on my behalf."
Lead Auditor, Energy Company, Boston, MA

"Thank you for all of your time on the phone and for the nice note and business cards I just received.  Such a professional touch, it was a very nice gesture and no other recruiting agency ever sent this to me before. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you get any opportunities in that you feel would be a match with my background and skills.  It is nice to know that there are still recruiting companies out there who are both professional and care about other people as well.  There are too many non-professionals out there, unfortunately. I have dealt with more than I would like through the years of looking for work.  I was very impressed with your level of professionalism, expediency and consideration to service my specific needs.  My friend Bev was right - you are "terrific".
Staff Accountant, Biotech firm, Andover, MA

"I am so pleased and happy to have obtained employment through Gardner Resources Group and to tell you how professional my Gardner recruiter was…before, during, and after the complete process. I now have a great job with a strong growing company.  I have a realistic commute, a challenging position, good benefits and a great salary.  My recruiter at Gardner was not only professional, but also extremely terrific and delightful to work with.  After our first initial face to face meeting, I left your office really seeing a huge difference between Gardner and the other agencies I have worked with over the years.  I left feeling that Gardner cared a lot about how I viewed myself, my expectations, what I wanted and how my skills, experience and knowledge would benefit a potential employer.  It wasn't long after this interview that I received a call from my Gardner recruiter with a possible opportunity. She explained very clearly; the what, where, who, why and when. It appeared to be an excellent opportunity; very much what I was looking for. In short order, an interview with the employer was arranged.  I was given wonderful advice on the interview process. Direct feedback from her after my interview with the employer was both timely and informative.  Within a short period of time, there was an offer on the table!!! You know the rest of the story.  This was the best recruiting experience I have had in my career and I wanted to let you know how terrific I think this recruiter and your organization is!"
Accounting Manager, Software Company, Cambridge, MA

"Your attention to detail and connections in the marketplace put me on the road to success. I can honestly say that the job interviewing process, which is usually so stressful, was actually a very good experience this time around, and I have you to thank."
Staff Accountant, Retail Company, Framingham, MA

"Gardner Resources is without a doubt the best firm I have worked with during my years in the working world. The support you offer is something I have never found with any of the firms I have previously worked with. I will wholeheartedly recommend Gardner to anyone in the market for a new job."
ccounting Manager, Software Development Firm, Cambridge, MA

"I actually didn't find my most recent job through Gardner Resources, but I felt compelled to write you this letter anyway. Gardner Resources is the most unique firm I have worked with. Although I saw a number of quality situations through your firm, I ended up finding a new position in the town I live in. I wish, however, that I had found this job through your firm as I really enjoyed working with you and felt you really took the time to give me great advice."
Chief Financial Officer, High Tech Firm, Billerica, MA

"I have utilized search professionals in the past while pursuing new career opportunities, and I would rate your organization among the best. The level of professionalism is impeccable. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf."
Divisional Controller, Healthcare Organization, Bedford, MA

"Today I accepted what is to me my dream job. Your expertise and thorough counsel helped me throughout the interview process. You took my best qualities and conveyed them very effectively, so that each client had a positive impression of me before I even walked into their offices."
Tax Accountant, Biotechnology Firm, Natick, MA

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